Reciprocity Procedure

If you plan to come to Louisiana by reciprocity, you need to send our reciprocity/endorsement licensure questionnaire form to any and all state board(s) you have ever held an NHA license.   Fill out the top portion only, they will complete the form and send us a state official copy.

Please note: Payments may be made by mailing a check to LABENFA to the address below or payments may be made by credit card. Please call the office for details.

  •  Request Application Packet –  Application packet fee – $100.00
    Send to:
    5647 Superior Drive
    Baton Rouge, LA  70816-6049
    Include Personal Information (name/address/phone/email) with request
  • A Provisional Letter may be granted once the Board staff reviews the completed notarized application and has received and approved all items listed below.  The applicant will be notified of Board staff approval, concerns, or rejection. 
    • The completed, notarized application along with a $600.00 application fee and a $125.00 Reciprocity fee.
    • Recent (within 90 days) Color Passport Sized Photo – may be obtained at most drug stores.
    • Two (2) Original Letters of Reference (signed and dated).  References must not be from subjects that are related to you by blood or marriage.
    • Official Sealed Transcripts (attached with the application or sent directly to LABENFA from the college or university). An eScript will also be accepted if sent directly to
    • Receipt of Reciprocity Form(s) from All States Boards where you are or have been licensed.
    • Test Confidentiality and Attestation: Read, sign, and date the Test Confidentiality and Attestation form and return it to LABENFA with your application.
    • Code of Ethics: Read, sign, and date the Code of Ethics form and return it to LABENFA with your application.
    • Criminal Background Checks: There are options for fingerprinting, but for reciprocity, you will need to come to Baton Rouge and do electronic fingerprinting at the State Police Headquarters on Independence Blvd. (the only place we are set up to accept the electronic fingerprinting).  If the electronic fingerprinting is done, we usually receive the results within 1 – 2 weeks.  You will need to have them sign the Verification of Fingerprints, for our records.
    • Provisional Letter/Initial Registration fee:  $495.00
  • Additional items to accomplish in order to be granted a Louisiana Nursing Facility Administrator’s License: 
    • Taking and Passing the State Test – You may schedule your state test any time after your application is approved by calling our office.  $120.00 fee for the State test.  You are charged a $150.00 fee each time you need to retake the test.
    • Criminal Background Check results – Results may require additional information needed from the applicant before continuing.
    • Board approval – Upon the next scheduled Board meeting, once the application is approved, the application will be presented to the Board for approval.
  • If the Board approved your application and supporting documentation including the Criminal Background check and the State test has been passed and all fees are paid; 
  • Complete the Initial Registration form (only pay the Initial Registration fee if not paid earlier) and you will receive your license and ID card through June 30th.

If our office may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to email or call.

LA Board of Examiners of Nursing Facility Administrators