Continuing Education Options Available for Administrators

As we approach re-registration, many are beginning to get nervous about the In Person Continuing Education necessary for re-registration.  While we don’t advise that you wait until the last few months, there are still plenty of good options to choose from.  If you are one that is looking, you might wish to review these options:… Read More

How To Register For The NAB Continuing Education Registry

The NAB CE Registry is the first of its kind and will be free of charge to long term care licensees. This system will enable you to track both CE approved by NAB’s National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) and non NCERS approved CE. Once your license is due, you simply release your registry to… Read More

Interested in becoming a Nursing Facility Administrator?

Are you ready to start your journey to become a Nursing Facility Administrator? There are certain minimum requirements that need to be met to be eligible to apply. Requirements for Licensing I. Legal Basis: Louisiana Law requires that any person serving as a nursing facility administrator must be duly licensed by the Board of Examiners… Read More

Study Material for NAB Test

If you are preparing for the NAB exam and looking for study material, you may purchase The Principles of Health Care Administration by Joseph E. Townsend through BNB Systems. You may contact them directly at 800-627-0874 or you can order online at  Please note that there is about to be an update to the… Read More

Are you a licensed NFA in another state and wish to transfer to Louisiana?

RECIPROCITY PROCEDURE If you plan to come to Louisiana by reciprocity, you need to send our reciprocity/endorsement licensure questionnaire form to any and all state board(s) you have ever held a NHA license. Fill out the top portion only, they will complete the form and send us a state official copy. Please note: Payments may be made… Read More

From the Executive Director’s Desk

We have had some excitement as well as sadness at the Board recently and wanted to bring you up to date. We would like to welcome the board’s newest staff member, Kristie Mascarella.  In June of this year, Mary Alice retired and Kristie Mascarella was hired as the new Assistant Executive Director.  Kristie has a… Read More

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the Boards and Commissions website at: